Union 1
Increase Member Engagement
Optimize Operations
Improve Member Experience
Upload, Report, Analyze

Your members are the collective force that relies on you for important information. Whether organizing or building public support, the member hub can also help you manage and access information quickly and easily.

  • Easy reporting to see all active members or filter by any status/field in the system.
  • Log emails and phone calls per member
  • Upload forms and documents to each member record.
  • Create lists of members by status, worksite, and more to send out emails, call blasts and SMS messages.
  • With the Members’ Portal add-on, members can update contact information that syncs through the database.
Change Approvals
  • With the Members’ Portal add-on, members can update their contact information.
  • Administrators can validate and approve the change before committing it to the database
  • Know where all your members work.
  • Keep track of worksite contact information.
  • Generate reports to see all members at each worksite
  • Track members’ jobs and positions.
  • Track wages for each job classification and run reports to generate wage tables.
Union Releases
  • Easily create Book-Off/release letters.
  • Design letter templates to easily generate letters going forward (select the member, reason for release and duration).
Employer HR
  • Track managers, supervisors, and external contacts to reference them for grievances and cases.
Create, Track, Win
Grievances + Cases

The grievance process is critical to your members! Support their cases with the most effective tools to be proactive and successful. Utilize Union 1 to help your win-record to boost member engagement and become more attractive during future organizing campaigns.

Legal Research
  • Easy reporting to see all active members or filter by any status/field in the system.Built-in keyword search tools to look up legal cases publicly published on the CanLII database.og emails and phone calls per member
  • Research information on your worksite, employer, managers to see their history and if they were involved in previous cases and settlements.
Related Cases
  • Keep track of previous grievances and cases to reference information to use in your next grievance/case.
  • ASee what was discussed and offered as a settlement to set a baseline for cases that are related.
  • Search through history of past grievances and cases.
  • Easily file grievances and cases (violence in the workplace, WSIB, claims, etc) in the database.
  • Design grievance letter and form templates to easily generate documents going forward (select the member, worksite, and include your grievance details).
  • Keep track of all your communications for each grievance.
  • Upload scanned documents, images, files, emails, notes between the union, employer and lawyers.
  • Keyword search through all your communications to quickly find documents during grievance hearings.
  • One-click export the entire grievance file along with all communications and attached documents as PDF format to print out or email to lawyers.
Fast, Easy, Effective
Communication Tools

Engage your members with the right communication tools to keep your union strong, your membership informed and increase public awareness.

Call Blasts
  • Send your voice message via mass phone calls to all your members.
  • Using member lists, you can send out your call blast communications to segments of your membership.
  • Use built-in tools to easily record your voice message and send it out.
Email Blasts
  • Send mass emails to all your members with ease.
  • Use built-in email templates or design your own.
  • Customize your email list to specific segments of your membership using the member lists.
SMS Blast
  • Send mass SMS (text messages) to all your members.
  • Customize your SMS list to specific segments of your membership using the member lists.
Search, Enforce, Improve
Collective Agreements

Level the playing field in bargaining and allow your leadership easy access to the collective agreements they are enforcing, through this easy to use module. Use this tool during bargaining for easy key-word searches and when filing grievances.

  • Upload your Collective Agreements in PDF format.
  • Automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service makes your CA text searchable.
  • View your CA and search by keywords and phrases while filing a Grievance.
  • Easily copy and paste articles to cite them in Grievances.
  • Upload past Collective Agreements to search for keywords on-the-fly and view historic data during bargaining sessions.
Assign, Organize, Service
Union Resources

Simplify your work day and facilitate internal and external communications. Seamlessly organize the breadth of your membership and organizational data.

Union Roles
  • Create and keep track of your union/local’s roles and positions in the database.
  • Keep track of who is in each position and their contact information.
Union Committees
  • Create all your committees in the database.
  • Keep track of all communications, notes, documents for each committee.
  • Upload meeting minutes for each committee.
  • Keyword search through your meeting minutes and uploaded documents.
Organizational Charts
  • Easily create Organizational Charts of your union/local’s structure.
  • Export Org. Charts as PDF format for printing and posting.
Committee Members
  • Assign your members to each committee in the database.
  • Easily send out mass communications (Email Blast, Call Blast, SMS Blasts) to your committee members to remind them of upcoming meetings, send out meeting minutes, share documents and more.
Map Areas
  • Create visual maps of your worksites and members.
  • Built-In map templates of Electoral Districts to see your members and worksites by Ridings and Wards.
  • Run reports to see all members in a certain geographical area.
  • Easily send out mass communications (Email Blast, Call Blast, SMS Blasts) to members in a certain geographical area (a useful tool during political elections to endorse candidates).
Conceptualize, Plan, Execute

Organize and run successful events throughout the year on one connected platform.

Union Events
  • Create events such as GMMs, Workshops, Conferences, Executive and Membership meetings with ease.
  • Easily send out communications to invite your members to your events.
Attendance Tracking
  • Keep track of who attended your events.
  • Run reports to generate attendance lists and see engagement.
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