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What is Union 1?

Union 1 is a Member Relationship Management system designed for unions by our union. Union 1 provides your union with the tools to carry out daily tasks in a simple, easy to use way. 

Union 1 – your union’s cloud-based filing cabinet, calendar, personal assistant and more! All rolled into one efficient system.

Solutions By Role:

Executive Officer

Executive Officers have access to all aspects of Union 1, including the following databases:
– Membership
– Employer
– Manager
– Grievances and Cases
With access to these databases, member issues will never be overlooked. You will be fully prepared to address a member’s issue at a moment’s notice. Union 1 provides executive officers access to everything pertaining to a member’s or employer’s history with one click.

Executive Committee

Union 1 features a Committee database, making it simple for your union to access all of the committees within it, the responsibilities of these committees, and the members who belong to them. Each committee page features relevant notes and documents, and a calendar with upcoming meetings and tasks. Through Union 1’s members’ mail function, you can automatically notify executives on a committee by email to inform them of upcoming due dates and events.


Union 1 simplifies union staff members’ day-to-day functions:
– Save time on filing paperwork. All member and employer files are connected to a secure search database, enabling staff to access important member and employer information on one unified system.
– Organize events through the event management function
– Add relevant calendar items for Executives and members
– Keep track of the social media conversation around your union through the live Twitter feed search function located in the customized staff user Dashboard.


The Canadian Legal Information Institute’s (CanLII) database is built into Union 1 for ease of access. Union 1 ensures legal staff have the resources they need to succeed, providing quick access to CanLII so that important cases relevant to your member’s claim can be attached to the claim file within a matter of seconds.


With Union 1, keeping track of your union’s volunteers has never been simpler. Union 1 stores all information for your volunteers, making it convenient for you to access contact information, dates, tasks, and all other relevant volunteer information. .

Solutions By Need:

Member Communication

Quickly share information through Union 1’s secure members’ mail and members’ portal functions. Through Union 1, you can actively communicate with your union’s members, organize union functions, and inform your members of events and matters of interest to them.

Event Tracking

Union 1’s event management system allows you to track key assessments and event participation from any device. You can also arrange planning meetings and post important documents and notes related to an event. Data is instantly available to you on your past, present and upcoming events, to help your union prepare and successfully execute every union gathering.

Member Engagement

Union 1 increases your union’s member engagement by giving your union the tools to understand what your members want, and how best to reach them. Using Union 1, you can send out e-blasts and mailers; engage your members on social media; coordinate events; keep track of member participation and reward your most active members. Union 1 is your union’s ultimate member engagement resource.

Grievance and Case Management

With Union 1’s grievance management system, filing a grievance or claim has never been simpler. Union 1’s membership database will automatically populate your specific member’s information, so all that’s left to do is enter the details of the case and attach digital copies of supporting documents, files or images. Press ‘submit’ and your grievance or claim is saved, stored, and ready to process.

Political Influence

It’s important to know who the MPPs are that represent your members, and what percentage of your members are represented by those MPPs. Union 1’s ‘Political Influence’ feature automatically generates your member’s MPP based on their information.

Bargaining Intelligence

Union 1’s member, manager, and employer databases work together to strengthen your union’s voice at the bargaining table. You will have access to large-scale data, showing total grievances filed against an employer/manager, wages across industries and companies, and convenient access to the digitized collective agreement.

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